Panic Attack Disorder: Causes & Symptoms

full_blown_panic_attackSuddenly, out of nowhere, this tremendous wave of fear came across me. My heart raced, I began to sweat profusely, my breathing became shallow, and I felt as though, (the only way I know to explain it), I’m not going to make it.

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My panic attack disorder has taken over my life. My past life no longer exists. I now live with fear, and shelter myself in the safe confines of my home. God, “why me!”, I often cried. Feeling alone, helpless, and with no hope…

Panic Attack Disorder

A Sudden Panic Attack

…or so I thought.

Panic Attack Disorder Symptoms

Panic attacks are overwhelming feeling of doom and terror. The symptoms of a panic attack disorder can attack you anytime and anywhere. This disorder does not discriminate. It does not matter if you are black, white, Asian, rich, poor, gay, straight, athlete, or in a wheel chair. If you are alive and breathing, then your are susceptible to having a panic attack disorder.

The only thing between you and panic attacks, are your thoughts. Your thoughts keep you safe.

The fear a person feels during an anxiety/panic attack is in no way proportional to the situation a person is in. In fact, the panic attack may not have anything to do with the current situation. During a panic attack episode, a person may exude some or all of the following symptoms:

  • overwhelming fear or terror
  • lightheaded, dizzy
  • sweating
  • heart beating hard and fast
  • fear of lose of control
  • breathing difficulties
  • nausea
  • wanting to get out, or away. To escape.

Who Gets Panic Attack Disorder

A panic attack can happen to a child as well as an adult. Typically effects twice as many women than men.

A person can have a panic attack while driving, shopping, in crowds, alone at home, practically anywhere, anytime. I would have several panic attacks a day. And when it was time to take a shower, I could pretty much count on having a panic attack. I would fall against the shower wall crying, and would find myself curled up laying in the tub with the shower spray beating down on me.

Panic Attack Disorder Causes

Imagine this: we are back in the caveman era. There is a hungry mountain lion getting ready to pounce on you. You suddenly get an adrenaline rush. You quickly turn and clobber the mountain lion with your caveman club.

That small but effective scenario explains the fight or flight phenomenon. Today we still have this mechanism. But we don’t use it in the same way. And unfortunately, when not used correctly, we get panic attacks.

Other factors contributing to panic attack disorder are:

  • genetics
  • stress
  • hormonal changes
  • medication

I hope you found this article helpful. If you or someone you know has panic attacks, you will find the following resources helpful:

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