Anxiety Symptoms in Men

man_sypmtoms_of_social_anxietyThere are several types of anxiety. In this article we will be referring to general anxiety disorder, also known as G.A.D.

The anxiety symptoms in men can be quite embarrassing, especially when it comes to the restroom, more about that later.

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Below is a list of the most common symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. you may have some or all of the symptoms listed and or you may have more than what is listed below.

Anxiety symptoms in men are:Man with anxiety symtoms.

difficulty breathing

heart palpitations



overwhelming fear

abdominal distress

trembling or shaking

chest pain

urgency to urinate

choking sensation

dry mouth


According to one study ( I can’t remember which one), twice as many women suffer with anxiety than men. That is not to say that anxiety or anxiety symptoms in men are any less severe or don’t happen as often.

Symptoms Of The Mind

The second group of symtoms are our cognitive distortions, or irrational thoughts.  Thoughts come before the physical signs of anxiety.  Our thoughts can jet through our minds so fast, that you may not even notice them.

So, what are these thoughts?  These thoughts are negative thoughts directed towards ones self.  Here is an example of what your that might look like:

What’s wrong with me? 

Am I good enough? 

What if I mess up? 

Did I mess up?

What will they think?

What if it doesn’t work out?

It’s these thoughts that get us into trouble.  We become obsessive and get caught up in a whirlwind of thinking.

We get caught up, thinking about an important event, or any event for that matter, days, weeks, even months in advance.  We even get caught in past events.  Events we cannot change.  Events that may not even matter.

Behavoiral Symtoms

The last group of anxiety symptoms in men are behavoiral symptoms.  We deal with anxiety by avoiding situations or partial avoidance.

Avoidance would be not going to a party because of anxiety.  Partial avoidance would be going to the party but:

not making eye contact

avoiding talking to strangers

using drugs or alcohol

staying close by a friend

We will go to extremes with our avoidance behavoirs.  I once went down 23 flights of stairs to use a single person lobby restroom, to avoid using the restroom in a hotel room, because there was people in that room.


Overall, there is nothing fun about anxiety or the anxiety sypmtoms.  But anxiety can be overcome, and you will be a happier person because of it.  You will happier than you have ever been before.

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