Good Looking With Social Anxiety: Is Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness Easier For Good Looking People?

How does you looks effect social anxiety? Click here and learn the skills you need for overcoming social anxiety and shyness.Do you feel dissatisfied about yourself, as though you will never be good enough?  Good looking with social anxiety doesn’t seem to go together does it?  For instance, do you think you are inferior to others when it comes to physical appearance? We all have insecurities, but that does not make you less of a person. You have the ability to become the best person you want to be, as long as you try to overcome your anxieties and shyness.

Overcoming social anxiety and shyness is easier with these social skills.

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Good Looking with Social Anxiety

If you believe you are not quite attractive, do you think having good looks can do wonders for you? Or maybe you are good looking and you have social anxiety.  Being physically attractive will not immediately make you an outgoing and sociable person, but you may feel less insecure when you are good looking. However, does this solve your anxiety issues and shyness?  Afraid Not!

Moreover, you may feel incomplete because you think you will never be as desirable as those TV personalities that you see and read about in magazines. Nevertheless, you should understand that good looks will not instantly transform you into a more confident or outgoing person. To label yourself as unattractive or attractive is merely a faulty generalization. The truth is, no one belongs to any of these categories. You can only evaluate looks by comparison or on a scale, yet an attractive appearance is not the ultimate measure of a person’s worth.

The Truth behind Good Personality and Confidence

It is a fact that most people choose to be with others who have a positive attitude. Feelings can be quite infectious, and being with the company of happy people can lighten up your mood. The best way to exude a great personality is through your words, body language, as well as by smiling more frequently. There are also simple techniques that can help you feel more optimistic, and eliminate negative thoughts quickly.

Even when you are not as good-looking as other people are, you can still be confident. In fact, all you need is to smile a lot, and think of positive thoughts as often as possible. Most antisocial or shy people hardly smile, and their rigid appearance tends to prevent others from being attracted to them. With this in mind, good looks do not always entail confidence. A good personality, on the other hand, makes you more attractive and interesting. People will be drawn to you, and you can stop feeling anxious about yourself and others.

Overcoming Shyness and Social AnxietyThese are 4 of the biggest mistakes for not overcoming social anxiety and shyness.

Although you are probably aware of the benefits of having a positive character, it may still be difficult for you to change your personality when you are not aware of what you should do. You may think that some tips and pieces of advice that others give you are too vague, even when you want to overcome completely your social anxieties.

However, you should accept the fact that becoming more physically attractive would not transform you into a truly happy person. You will realize that those who have undergone plastic surgery are still unable to resolve their insecurities. They may look desirable, yet they are full of anxieties, fears and discontentment. Their perspective and character has not changed even when others view them as even more alluring than ever. Self-esteem and confidence are not associated with good looks, particularly when a person still feels dissatisfied or inferior.

The good news is that you can fix your inner problems about your self-esteem, so you can change into a more confident person. As you work on your personality, you will feel more positive and start to discover your worth. Then, you will eventually overcome your shyness and become a more sociable person.

Bottom Line

Good looks and confidence do not always go hand in hand. Some people who may look good still experience anxieties and insecurities. Although an outstanding appearance can make you feel good, a negative personality will not help you gain friends. Your confidence is only temporary, since you will come to realize that you lack an infectious character that can draw people towards you. The key to overcoming anxiety is not by having amazing looks. By being more positive about yourself, you can be an outgoing, sociable and confident person. Then, you can overcome your shyness and become the kind of person you want to be.

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